Critique: The War of Design by Ian Lynam Overview イエン・ライナム Critique: The War of Design is a brand new 64-page booklet by Ian Lynam about critique in graphic design and educational contexts. And semiotics. And criticism. And some other stuff.

It is a booklet for students, teachers and designers alike.

Critique - The War of Design by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム

Critique: The War of Design is about how to approach design critique from cultural and critical perspectives.

Lovingly offset printed in a mix of three colors, Critique mixes symbolism, memoir, institutional critique, a thorough walloping of some of design's heroes, very silly illustrations, lovingly-placed clip art, and a pinch of ritual sacrifice applied to some of the silkiest Japanese papers globally.

Not sold on it yet? Critique is typeset in the Biwa and Biwa Stencil families of digital typefaces from Wordshape.

Topics within:

- Defining critique
- Crits in context
- Denotation and connotation
- Some mean-spirited writing about grunge music
- Some more mean-spirited writing about grunge typography
- Giving and receiving critical feedback
- Honing your inner critic
- Honing your inner critic

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Crits by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム


"Joyfully and skillfully straddling the line between creator and critic, theorist and practitioner, formalist and rebel, American and expatriate, serious analyst and humorous deconstructor, Ian Lynam always brings a wholly original perspective to his writing on design. The insights are always fresh, and the stakes are always extremely high."

- W. David Marx, author of Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style.

"Ian Lynam is a visionary designer, forcing us to challenge our assumptions about what design is, and what it can do. He constantly invites us to imagine new modes of inquiry, and makes a case for design as a fundamental way of knowing, and communicating, the world around us."

Thomas Christopher Greene, author of The Headmaster's Wife

"Lynam is a bitingly humorous writer - gifted with the intuition to give stories depth. This is no accident as he writes from experience - a reading pleasure!"

- Lars Harmsen, Slanted Magazine

Crits by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム

Ordering details

Critique: The War of Design is available for pre-order via Paypal. Booklets will ship on October 15, 2019. Pre-orders will receive bonus posters and stickers.


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Crits by Ian Lynam イエン・ライナム